“Six Types of Socratic Questions”

“Socratic Seminar Starters: Summarizing, Analyzing, and Evaluating Ideas”

“Socratic Seminar Bingo”

Yes, gaining the explicit knowledge of Socratic Seminar is useful, important, and valuable. It is just not enough…

Successful leadership of Socratic Seminar requires tacit knowledge. Tacit knowledge is procedural. It is gained from experience. It is “knowing how” rather than “knowing what or that.”

It takes 6-8 Socratic Seminars with reflection on the process before you and your students start to get it. The “it” being civility and thoughtfulness. Leading Socratic Seminars is a skill, not a collection of facts and questions.

We at Socratic Seminars International provide professional development that goes beyond explicit knowledge and engage teachers in the all-important tacit knowledge of Socratic Seminar leadership.

Nothing is more important than practice and reflection.