Socratic Seminar Intermediate Level 2 Workshop

While presenting face-to-face,  on-site professional development workshops and trainings is best, we do offer high quality, sustainable Zoom Virtual workshops upon request.
Please contact Oscar Graybill at or  509-386-5169 for more information.

Socratic Seminar Intermediate LEVEL 2 Workshop:
Fundamentals Plus Assessment & Academic Writing

This engaging and interactive workshop is designed for both NEW and experienced leaders of Socratic Seminars. For those new to Socratic Seminars, it introduces and reinforces the fundamentals of how to lead, reflect, and assess Socratic Seminars. For those who have attended one of our introductory workshops, or for those who lead Socratic Seminars of their own, this intermediate workshop builds on the fundamentals by adding how to create and score Formative and Summative Assessments of Socratic Seminars along with guided practice in transforming the key ideas and insights of classroom seminars into powerful Writing Prompts for Argumentative and Persuasive Writing. In short, everyone learns and grows in Socratic Seminar Leadership Skills!


  • Engage in and reflect upon a variety of Socratic Seminars using new readings!
  • Prepare for and lead a Socratic Seminar with colleagues
  • Learn the knowledge and skill of selecting engaging non-fiction, complex texts
  • Create Opening Questions that spark student conversation and thoughtfulness
  • Experience the importance of balancing leadership and participation in a Socratic Seminar
  • Practice individual and collective reflection
  • Recognize the power of Socratic Seminars to address high academic standards


  • Understand the effective use of Formative and Summative Assessment of Socratic Seminars
  • Use Success Criteria to assess Socratic Seminars using Formative Assessment
  • Come away with the skill to use content of Socratic Seminars to formulate Writing Prompts for Academic Writing

Who Should Attend this workshop:

Public, private, and charter school: Classroom Teachers, Teachers of English, Social Studies/History, Science, World Languages, Gifted Education, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, National Board Certified, Title I, AVID, Literacy Specialist, Instructional Coaches, Department Heads, and Administrators; Community College, College, and University professors.

Meet and Share:

This teacher workshop is a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other educators seeking practical ideas for engaging students in Socratic Seminars that address Best Practices and High Academic Standards by increasing student engagement, and teaching critical thinking skills.

Additional Benefits of Attending a Virtual Zoom Workshop:

  • Socratic Seminar Intermediate Level 2 Workshop Notebook
  • Certificate of Completion verifying 7 professional development hours

Registration Fee:  $215 for individuals; $205 for Groups of five or more.

Please Note: A Virtual Zoom Workshop requires a minimum of 8 pre-registered participants 72 hours before the scheduled start of the workshop. In the event that this minimum number is not reached, full refunds are processed for those who registered for the workshop. The workshop is limited to a maximum of 49 participants.

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