What is the cost of the registration fee?

The registration fee for all workshops is $215 per individual participant. Groups of five or more who register online as a group are awarded a reduced rate of $205 per individual participant. Groups of 10 or more may contact Oscar Graybill at Socratic Seminars International for the possibility of a special large group rate.

What does Socratic Seminars International accept as payment for registration fees?

We prefer Purchase Orders but we do accept personal and  school checks as well as debit/credit card payments. Once one clicks on Register, the process begins with entering information about each Participant and concludes with entering Payer information where a selection of payment by Purchase Order, Check, or Debit/Credit Card is made.

How and when can I get an Invoice for Payment so that I can pay by Purchase Order or Check?

When a Payer selects either Purchase Order or Check, at the conclusion of the registration process, the Payer receives an email confirmation that includes a link to an Official Invoice for Payment.

How do participants know they have successfully registered for a workshop?

Each participant who has been successfully registered immediately receives an email confirmation message that includes all the important workshop information including a link to Advanced Readings to be completed before arriving at the workshop.