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Welcome to Socratic Seminars International

We are dedicated to providing high quality, sustainable professional development in Socratic Seminars, Student Engagement, and Critical Thinking.

Our Beliefs:

  • Engaging students in authentic conversations about great ideas sparks wonder and curiosity and increases understanding.
  • Meaningful and enduring learning begins and ends with close listening to the thoughts, ideas, and questions of students.
  • Building a community of learners where students feel safe and comfortable as risk-takers increases student engagement and improves achievement.
  • In this technological world, it is vital that students regularly engage in civil, thoughtful, face-to-face conversations.
Oscar Graybill and the Socratic Seminar International team offer a range of professional development. Each models best practices of teaching and learning. Throughout each school year, Upcoming Workshops are scheduled and presented in major cities in the United States. Additionally, Oscar Graybill and his team of associates contract with individual schools and districts to provide On-Site Trainings in Socratic Seminar leadership and best practices of teaching and learning.